Thursday, August 04, 2005


I love Jerry. Jerry is Elaine's husband. He finds way cool stuff on the internet. Today he pointed me in the direction of Google Maps Pedometer Hack.

Seems my usual route of about 2 miles is well in excess of 2 miles. Okay then...

It also seems that a twice daily jaunt over to Bel Air will do the same trick of getting about 2 miles of walking under my belt. Since I'm over there at least twice a day should make it easier. I just gotta go and come back rather than stop on my way elsewhere.

Hmmm... that may be my Achilles Heel. Planning ahead.

But hey... Thanks Jerry! I don't feel so bad about not taking the big walk now. I can just go get a mocha in the morning and some cookies in the evening and be good!



ADDENDUM: I hate Jerry. Jerry finds way cool stuff on the internet and then all of sudden...I'm not getting those two hours of my life back. Hmph. ;)

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Elaine said...


I used that pedometer this morning to discover that walking the girls to preschool (and then returning home with an empty stroller -- woohoo!) is a 3.5 mile trip.