Wednesday, August 10, 2005


That's what Elaine calls me.... She's a real cut-up.

But Wowie Zowie..... I have been Yarnista-ing my tail off these past few days. Boss Lady had to have some opening came up and she grabbed it. Which meant us worker-bees had to have some crash training on all that needed to be done.

I drew the short straw (meaning my regularly scheduled work days) and had both "Late Night" events on my watch. Which meant LONG days.

It also meant long hours dealing with the yarn. This is not good. This is very very bad. I have PLENTY of UFO's already. I do NOT need any other UFO's. But gosh.... I am REALLY liking the dark (very dark) brown coat with light pink trim idea.

Some of the UFO's have deadlines. One for a friend...well, for her baby... One for the fundraiser auction at church. The others? More fluid. I should probably get the "perfect for holiday parties" handbag done BEFORE the holidays. And if I'm going to make that wrap for the same events... I should at least decide what color silk I want to use. Silk. FIVE SKEINS of silk to boot. The pattern makes me hyperventilate almost as much as the thought of 5 skeins of silk....

I have fallen down the rabbit hole........

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Elaine said...

Precisely why I do not think it wise for me to ever work at the fabric store. I don't need the temptation.