Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kaitlyn's Mother Hates Her

Kaitlyn's mother hates her. Absolutely. Without a shadow of a doubt.

It's obvious. Only a hate-filled mother would inflict such dire torture upon a child.

Only a hate-filled mother would INSIST that her 13 year old daughter learn to braid her own hair.

Not to mention insist on said hair being clean. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Kaitlyn's mother hates her.

Kaitlyn's mother is evil. Pure evil. Surely she will burn in hell for this.....


Aardvark said...

I will save you a seat next to the fire....easier to roast marshmallows from there.

SarahLena said...

Hey, we're taking a bus.. wanna ride with all of us? It's an AWESOME bus, too..

Elaine said...

I cannot believe you, Nancy. How COULD you? How can you shirk your motherly duties and not put your hands in her hair EVERY DAY? I mean, aren't children supposed to be the absolute epicenter of our lives?

(side note: tell Kaitlyn to wash her hair at night -- it's very very hard to braid squeaky clean hair, and she'll have an easier time of it in the morning after it's got a night of sleep in it)

LivingWilde said...

Unless she has massively curly kinky hair... then I LAUGH at Elaine's suggestion. (I can ONLY brush through or doing anything including braiding while wet...)

Speaking of hell... I think I arrived. Mobile SUCKS tonight. The elevator is broken in my hotel (lightning) and the cable is out. I don't have cable at home. I only get it in hotels. I'm bummed.