Thursday, August 25, 2005

What's Next?

On Monday our eldest child starts high school.

In four years, she will be off to college. Maybe it will be the local JC, maybe it will be in Tennessee. Time will tell.

In eight years, our youngest child will be off to college as well. That is still a long way off. But during those eight years both children will be less parent dependent for all things. Well, all things except money. Already they can do many things on their own. As it should be, we are becoming less necessary. They will not starve to death, for example. They can shop for (given the money to do so) and fix most any meal. They don't need mommy to pour the milk or use the stove any more.

They have the capacity and the skill sets to wash and iron their own clothes. Motivation is all that is left to make that scenerio complete.

Basic personal hygiene? They can do it. They don't need mommy to wash the hair or remind them to get all the nooks and crannies.

There are still essential life skills that need perfecting...and those will come. Although Kaitlyn will tell you.... if you need a composite asphalt, three tab roof put up, she's your girl. Flashing installation...her specialty.

But what happens when "parent" is more guidance than constant supervision? Who is "mom" when "mom" is more title than job description?

I don't know.... but I'm trying to be sure that I have something in the wings. Someone to be besides "mom" when the people who make me mom aren't living in my house anymore.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. You have already started to become someone, when the ones who make you mom no longer live with you. And as you said in your "Change" blog, you "wallow for a moment and then MOVE ON WITH LIFE", knowing you did a good job. "Its all good". ced

Martha in CA said...

You'll still be 'Nancy!' But you'll be 'Nancy' with all this other fabulous experience and insight that you would have never had if you hadn't taken a 'time out' to be "Mom."

Everything always has a way of working out! You'll be fine!

Elaine said...

I wanna be like Nancy. :)

Sarah Lena said...

Today's the big day! Your baby is in my thoughts. And she'll be FINE.

Aardvark said...

I still need my mom all the time. You may become obsolete...but only for a few years. Then she will realize how right you are.