Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Nothing to say.....

It's hard to be witty this day. It's hard to come up with an ironic twist on the world on this day.

August 31, 2004... Donna died.

Today thousands are dead and are yet to be found under the rubble of Katrina.

Today, New Orleans is on the verge of being GONE. GONE GONE GONE. They can't fill the levee breech. It will fill until it is at the same level as the lake. It may be easier to fill it in and rebuild on top of the rubble...... A new Pompeii if you will.

We still haven't heard from Kurt and family. Emails have been sent on the hope he can eventually check email. Email to his employer in Fort Worth have been sent. Cell calls don't get through.

Do whatever you can. These people could not possibly need more help.

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Sarah Lena said...

I hope all of yours are safe. And I hope everyone who IS safe is grateful for what they have around them, and is quick to help those who are not yet safe.