Saturday, August 06, 2005


If your fat spills out over your bikini bottoms and makes you look like the a muffin top.... don't wear a bikini.

Elaine was musing on body hair on women. Why do we find it unattractive and why is it such a pain in the ass (and other places) to remove? I dunno. But I think the question is why haven't we evolved away from body hair all together? I stood in line behind a man who shaved his head, yet had a hairy back. I didn't understand that either. Body hair on men isn't all that attractive either..... we should let them know about our tricks on removing it.

Your best friend will not only take her picture with you when you are dressed up in some crazy get up, but she will have on her own crazy get up too. And she won't care. And when you turn 21 and your mom hauls out this photo of the two of you taken on your 10th birthday, you will just laugh and laugh....much like you did when you took the photo.

People who are under age 20 and make minimum wage should not be entrusted with security at any sort of amusement park. It's just wrong. On many levels. And if it hadn't been a special day for Emma I would have demanded a supervisor. When we checked bags at the Olympic Track Trials, we weren't allowed to remove items from women's purses. And I am quite sure that if I was packing a gun, I wouldn't be hiding it on my bare arms, but perhaps under a pant leg. (arms wanded with a metal detector but nothing below the waist on anyone) Idiots.

I'm glad that what we thought was a heart attack was just an asthma attack. But anyone placing bets on the odds of getting Normy to the doctor for ASTHMA? Yea, I doubt it too....

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