Monday, August 29, 2005


Gulfport, Mississippi is underwater. I went to Google Maps and it appears that there really isn't any chance of living in Gulfport and your house not being underwater right now.

We have friends in Gulfport.

Kurt is a UMC Pastor. He, along with his wife Claudia and their three children, lives in Gulfport. They were hoping to visit again in October. They were hoping to be here for The Big Crush in Amador.

I hope they are able to come and drink good wine. I hope we hear word of them soon. I pray they are safe.

I also hope that the next time when authorities give word to GET OUT, that every person heeds the warning.

God be with the rescuers who now risk their own lives to save those who stayed behind.

God be with all in Katrina's path.

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