Thursday, August 04, 2005


I was meaning to do this early on in this blog. However, I just plain forgot. But today, someone who has been lurking in the shadows came back into plain view and reminded me. So here is my warning:

I use big words. I went to college and learned the big fancy words. I rarely do it on purpose, but I use them on a regular basis. "Scholar Words" they've been called.

I never thought these words to be of particular import or thought one needed a significant level of intelligence to use them in normal conversation. Then there are the entire subset of words that I thought once you successfully mastered in, oh, I don't know... THIRD GRADE, you could use them properly.

For example: I shall never ask you for advise. Nor will I advice you of the situation. When you argue with me, I shall never declare your argument mute. I won't bother blogging about when I loose my keys. And if I EVER decide to get one, I will at the very least, spell tattoo with the requisite three "T's". (btw: "requisite" is a "big scholar word")

Last, but not least, if you don't get the following joke, you should probably just keep it to yourself.

Half the people you meet every day have a below average IQ.


Elaine said...

Really? Is that true? Because if it is, that's just strange. Wow.

Nancy D. said...

I love Elaine. She's very funny. I use little words for Elaine. Short sentences too.

Babe...ya crack me up.

GoldieP said...

Okay, gotta laugh at your spelling examples. I'm very sure you won't advice me on anything, or even try to seperate you're children when there beeting each other up.

But two entries down from here, you wrote about Emma "needing" a sombraro. I'm afraid that I found the near-juxtaposition amusing.