Monday, August 08, 2005


I've been yammering at some people to get over their needle phobia and donate blood. Get over yourself and save a life.

I said I would, but I can't. They won't let me.

Then someone said her friend just started donating again.... she only had to wait a year.

So I went to the BloodSource website (the agency that does the collection for this area) and it didn't say anything about chemo being a lifetime ban.

So I called. NEW RULES...about 2 years old. As long as it wasn't melanoma or a blood cancer.... one can donate if one has completed treatment for over a year.

I have an appointment in an hour.

I've used a lot of blood in my day..... Now it is time to give some of it back.

You should too.

Addendum: It's official. BloodSource has a pint of my A Negative blood. I can donate again on Oct. 3.


Aardvark said...

I have tried to give blood about 10 times int the last year. They can't get it. I sit there while they all take turns trying to get blood because each person just "knows" they can find a good vein. This goes on until someone compromises the sterility of the collection bag...and then they say I have to come back at a later date. I have tried drinking GALLONS of water before going and all the other helpful hints they say to try. It doesn't work. I feel bad that they can't get my is O negative.

Anonymous said...

After your phone call yesterday, and your conversation with the man of the house, he reported to me that you donated a QUART. Wow! I guess you are trying to give back in a big hurry. :)