Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Do You Read Blogs?

I read blogs. I suspect you read blogs too. I'm psychic like that.

Recently, I've been made aware that there are those who not only do NOT read blogs (shocking!), but don't find them at all interesting.

I only read blogs that are fun to read. Not that they don't have their occasional pity party.... but generally speaking, I'm laughing when reading. Sometimes I need to make a mad dash to the little duck's room.

Small insights into daily life away from my own.

The daily laughing aside, I think that's what is so interesting about this whole blogging business.

Small insights into daily life away from my own. In otherwords, I get out of my own whirlwind, if only for a moment. It may not get my laundry done or help me figure out what to do with a pound of ground beef...again... but it makes me think outside myself and my world and the craziness of my life.

Over there....on the right... is a list of blogs worth reading. Some of them have links too. Follow the links...check in now and again with these strangers. And after a fashion, they won't be strangers.

And if you aren't reading this.... sucks to be you.

1 comment:

SarahLena said...

Aww.. you're da bomb.

.. I must've missed the little duck reference. It just sounds strange to me.