Monday, August 29, 2005

High School, It's Official

Background: Pleasant Grove High School opened today. Not just for the year, but for the very first time. It was mired down in a shload of NIMBY lawsuits and should have opened last year at the lastest. Preferably the year before. Then it just wouldn't quit raining this year. To say "construction was delayed" is putting it mildly.

So PGHS opened for the very first time today. No grass in the interior of the campus. The "quad" (which is a circle) is fenced off because it is an unfinished hole in the ground. Construction equipment and supplies take up a large portion of the parking lot. Fortunately, there is no current need for "student parking" since no student is old enough to drive. The "School Loop Road" worked well...for those who could read signage and follow the instructions they gave. For example, NOT A SINGLE SIGN said to "stop in the middle of the turn lane next to the red curb and let your kid off". That's why the Sheriff's Deputy had a chat with that idiot woman who stopped right in front of me and caused me (she MADE ME!) to honk my horn. (note to self: truck horn on VW Beetle would still be a really good idea) Pick up was orderly and easy. But Kaitlyn will be riding her bike so I won't need to experience this whole car dance every day.

Homework was issued. Honors English, Geometry and Biology are the last three classes of the day. Which makes for a LONG afternoon. Choir is Kaitlyn and 12 other girls. PE doesn't dress out until Thursday, but it requires a BINDER of its very own. BINDER??? For PE? Yep. Gotta do more than just show up for PE to get an A nowadays.

Advocacy teacher is "ok". Hopefully she will end up being more than "ok" since this is the teacher assigned to Kaitlyn for as long as she is at PGHS. It is to ensure that every student has at least one teacher who knows them and knows them well.

Choir is sparse, but has one of the best music teachers in the district. So learning will happen and hopefully they will gain some new members.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow she will add Spanish. Starting at 7am.

Tomorrow they might have the bells working. Today they were still testing them. Landscaping will continue. The cafeteria was done... which was iffy last week. It will all get done and by the time she graduates there will be over 3000 students on that campus. Right now there are about 900. It's a small campus..... I don't know where they're gonna stash 'em all.

But I think she's about ready for bed..... ;)

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