Thursday, June 30, 2005

Does the Just Desserts Cafe serve Humble Pie?

So the CEO of something called Freestar Media, LLC is looking to build a hotel on Justice David Souter's homestead. It shall be called the Lost Liberty Hotel. Which begs the question... what happens when a Supreme Court Justice vows to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court? Has it happened before? Well, whatever it is, it's karmic and I'm ready to be an investor.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The answer is "Yes".


This is why I REALLY shouldn't get a pilot's license. See...that tower like thing with the red/white checks and the windsock on top... it's an air traffic control tower. That faded yellow stripe marks the runway. I would SO have to say one of the following (if I had a license, and a plane):

Runway 3-0, California Adventure.... requesting permission to land. Declaring an emergency.


California Adventure, request permission to buzz the tower.

.....either one of those things just might cause a wee bit of panic cause I'd no doubt have to do it when there are 10 million people standing under that big rocket jet that spews out cooling mist in the middle of the afternoon.


I can knit. Believe me, no one is more surprised by that statement than I.

Tonight I went to our local knit shop and sat around with other knitters and knitted. I learned a new way to join when you have to end a skein and start a new one. DAMN fine and nearly invisible way. Totally worth the price of admission. Which was nothin'.

I will start working there soon. At this point, this is good. I'm thinking some silks might be in order.... They are beautiful and, well, silky. And are horrendously expensive. I bought a hank of some beautiful hand dyed wool...dyed by women in Uruguay. The color is "Flirtation" which is supposed to describe a light purpley color. I also got the pattern for a felted purse that takes less than a hank of wool hand dyed by women in Uruguay.

You can be oh so self righteously politically correct when knitting. Especially if you use the handmade ebony needles made by women in Vietnam or the needles made from renewable Birch trees in California. Then knit something with Peace Fleece or from Uruguay or Honderus. Make hats for preemies out of some of that and you'll just need to find a place to hang your halo.

Meanwhile, I'm just working on my very pink tote bag with some factory produced wool yarn on some factory produced bamboo needles. Eh.... eventually I'll be more righteous in my knitting.

(can I post photos on this thing? I'll have to find out....)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bad at Math

No shocking relevation there. And no, this isn't the first step in fixing that problem... But it's the reason I've chosen 10 months. It's easier to divide 50 by 10 than it is by 12.

Fifty pounds LESS in 10 months. That's 5 pounds a month. Later today I will toodle myself over to Kaiser and get a print out for my weight and body fat percentage. I shall make many copies and post them about the house. Fridge. Pantry. I probably should put one on my computer to remind me to get OFF my butt and do something. Yesterday, I bought myself a pedometer. It says I've had over 10,000 steps so far today. I suppose my morning walk and adding a trip over to Bel Air made THAT happen. Sadly, that only equals about 400 calories. Oh well, better than sitting on my ever expanding arse.

But in one year from today I will be 40. I will NOT be 40 and fat. I'm hoping that 50 pounds will do that for me. Kaiser will tell me later......

(oh....and feel free to link to this if you are so moved by the Blog Gods)

Monday, June 27, 2005

I am a Lemming.

That's a small rodent, prone to running off a cliff with the rest of the lemmings in case you were unfamiliar with the reference.

I am a lemming because I'm blogging like the rest of humanity. Also, I don't spend enough time on the computer so I needed to get a blog.

I chose "rounder" for the look of my blog so my friend Jerry could make fun of my rounded corners. He likes to do that. Well, he likes to make fun of women who sit around and round off the corners of photographs, actually. is started...this blog. I had one once. It was boring. I don't know if it is still there. I don't care either. No guarantees with this one. Jerry blogs every weekday (and has for something like four years). Elaine blogs at LEAST once a day. Stacy most days. Sue, a couple of times a week. I suppose time will tell how faithful I am with this blogging thing.

I need to write. I need to write something beyond Instant Message.

We shall see........