Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Decade Ago

As I type.... A decade ago chaos was erupting in the room when ALL OF A SUDDEN Emma decided that NOW was the time to enter in the world. She had been dithering back and forth about it for two weeks. Even a few hours earlier she had absolutely no intention of being born this day. Then "yea...let's go for it!"

She celebrated by having two brand spankin' new holes put into her head. I can safely say that her hair will be worn in an ear exposing do for at least the next week. I can say that because it is in such a style every day regardless of the sparkly new gold studs in each ear.

We capped it off with dinner at Chevy's because "they give you a hat". Right. Cause everyone needs a sombraro. Right now she is outside playing with her friends and showing off her new acquisition. Later, we will stick some candles into an angel food cake and top it with strawberries and whipped cream. This is the good thing about a summer birthday...strawberry shortcake for birthday cake!

Next weekend it will be Waterworld and an ice cream cake.... It's all about the Emma for her birthday.

Wait. No.... It think that is every day.....

Happy Birthday Em!

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