Monday, May 21, 2007


Our house needs deep cleaning. Mostly it needs less junk.

We've been in the process of de-junking. Many trips to Goodwill and The Discovery Shop have been made. Many more are to come....

Part of the problem has been storage. Some things simply did not have a place to live. Example: The vacuum doesn't have a home. It just ends up where it ends up. It still doesn't... but if we had a proper linen closet, it would. Why home builders don't build proper storage, I do not know. Lots of useless attic space. Lots of vaulted ceilings. No storage.

One item that has fought me every. single. day. of my married life is the dresser that was handed down to us by my in-laws. The Mr. has always thought the bedroom and dining room sets that we were given were perfectly wonderful. Yes. I agree. They are quality Thomasville pieces. However, they are circa mid-1970's and not at all my style. Never have been.

The style.... I can live with. It isn't my style, but it's ok. Sorta. But FUNCTIONALLY the stuff reeks. The drawers are shallow and don't slide out more than a quarter of the way. Well, they will slide out half way....if you yank on them with the force of 20 elephants. I could never fit all my socks in the sock drawer. Clothes were ALWAYS piled on the top because the drawers were full and/or just a pain to use.

I got fed up the other day. We went out to RC Willey in Rocklin and bought all new bedroom furniture. We didn't find a "set" we liked....but we found parts of different sets we liked and that went together. We added a bookshelf from Target (cause Marfy made me) and kept the side table Mr. made a few years ago.

Of course...we decided to paint. Big heavy furniture had to get out of the bedroom. More big heavy furniture was coming in. Now was the time.

We had the red paint for years. It's been long discontinued. We stole it from our neighbor. They used it in their family room. I quickly chose something to go with it and we got down to business.

It was all done when the furniture arrived 6 days after purchase. Marfy approved of the painting and the furniture. We think the boys that delivered the furniture thought me -n- Marfy were gonna be sharing the new furniture. This makes us giggle.

ALL those drawers slide in and out OH so nicely. Socks? I have room to spare!

Now to get the big heavy stuff downstairs and find some kindly charitable organization to take it away.

....and to go through all the boxes and bins and whatnot and find places for the stuff I'm gonna keep. But! I keep adding to my Goodwill pile. Especially when I go through all those things that got shoved to the back of the drawers that wouldn't move.

Next room: Emma's. It was supposed to be next. She and I will start on that after school is out on Friday. Well...not ON Friday.... school's out on Friday and we'll start the following week.

But here's the result:

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Some Days

Some days I'm smarter than other days. Some days I can't figure out how to tie my shoes. Ok..... most days.

Today.... eh....smarter.... LOL!

IQ Test Score