Thursday, August 25, 2005


There are those who firmly believe that change is BAD. B.A.D. Doesn't matter what the change IS, it is bad.

There are those who firmly believe change is GOOD. It's the BESTEST EVER!!! Change just to's all good!

I fall somewhere in the middle. It depends on the change. I told some friends last night that I prefer the change heavy in quarters, light on pennies. Not only is that true, but it is also illustrative of good change vs bad change.

Pennies. They are small and annoying. But necessary. If you just hoard your pennies in a jar (the 5 gallon water jugs are good) you can eventually collect some big bucks. In other words, small changes can eventually make a big difference. You don't need to go out and run a marathon today. But you can (you, meaning me) go and walk around the block. One row stitched on a baby blanket isn't going to make an entire blanket. But one row every day will eventually make an entire blanket.

But small changes are the least for me. I don't want to walk around the stupid block. I don't want to just do a row a day. I want to be able to run a marathon and thus be lean and fit enough to do so...RIGHT NOW. I want that blanket DONE.

Quarters. Good change. It's 25 times better than pennies. It doesn't take much of this kind of change to see big results. A jar full of quarters is going to buy a LOT more than a jar full of pennies. A new job. A new relationship. A change of relationship. These are big changes. Often made up of smaller, but significant changes along the way. No one wakes up and says "Damn. I LOVE my job, so I'm gonna quit and go get another one!" No one wakes up and says "My marriage is the let's get divorced!" No one says "You are the best friend I've ever had and I love you dearly and I love spending time with you. So I'm never talking to you again!"

These changes come about because smaller, but significant changes have occurred. The job that was once great...isn't. The marriage that was weak. The friendship that endured...crumbles.

But with those changes come rebirth. I know someone who's husband left her. BIG change. Half dollar change. She was crushed. But she recently bought a house with her own income, her own credit. It is hers and hers alone. (and her daughters') It was change she did not want. But now, she can't imagine going back.

A year ago, my friends and I went through some very drastic changes. (I've spoken of it before) We are now, a year later, better than before. But we are facing changes again. A year ago, we could only speculate about what could be. Now we can see it. We can taste it. But this change is going to be hard too. So many things to think about. So many things to consider. Logistics. Feelings.

Good change. Bad change.

I am in the camp that sometimes change feels very very bad. But later...sometimes years later... when one looks back.... change ends up being good.

But that all depends on what you do with that change. If you leave it in the jar it is just more clutter in your life. Cash it in, take the money and have a party, it's good change! Wallow in the pain of it all and it will stay bad. Wallow for a moment and then MOVE ON WITH LIFE...?

It's all good.


Martha in CA said...

Generally, I don't like change. I like my routine. I like things to be where I left them when I go to find them again.

That said, the world we live in is changing so much, and so fast that we have to make changes and adapt just to keep up! Yesterday Travis asked me if I had a cell phone when I got my first car!! Honey, most people didn't even have a microwave then, and if they did, it was about the size of their console television!

So yeah...change is good! Sometimes the quarters are the best, but sometimes we need the pennies so the adjustment isn't quite so harsh! Good analogy, Nancy! You're brilliant!!

Nancy D. said...

This is a sample of why I keep Martha around. She says terribly insightful things like "Nancy! You're brilliant!"

But Martha is hysterically funny. Which may very well mean that she's whacked.

We may have to figure this out pool side. With beverages. Preferably mixed and served by The Pool Boy. Age: 21. Name: TBA

Sarah Lena said...

I've always found that a sackful of nickels right upside someone's head gives a good deal of change.

Elaine said...

Is the poolboy Brazilian? My water aerobics instructor says that Brazilians are hot. She just hired one to teach some water fitness classes. I might have to go visit one his classes... Hmmm....

Elaine said...

Oh. And the real reason I was going to comment (sorry. Got distracted thinking about Brazilian water fitness instructors)...

Thank you for posting this, Nancy. And you're right. Sometimes a boatload of pennies make up the purchase, sometimes it's the larger coinage. I like a mixture of both, so I can make exact change. Maybe it's the perfectionist in me. Sarah says I'm a perfectionist. Not quite sure where she gets THAT idea.

Oh. Yeah. From me, prolly. 'Cause I am. Dammit.

Stacy said...

Brazilians with a little mix of Italian in them are really REALLY hot. Remember Augusto - my crush last spring? homina homina, baby. :)

Stacy said...

oh yah...Elaine distracted me.... back to the topic at hand....

Cha-cha-cha-change-changes. I like 'em. Never thought I'd like marriage. THought I'd get bored silly. 15 years and goin' strong, though. But... our marriage changes and Darren changes and Lord knows I've changed. So I guess it all works. :)

Darren rolls his eyes and acts offended when I gush about Augusto. I think secretly, he knows Augusto's hot, too. lol!

Ooops, there I went again. OFf topic. Damn that Alice!

Nancy D. said...

Brazilian pool boy.

Got that, Marfa? We are looking for a BRAZILIAN pool boy.

Hmmmm....I think someone gave you a couple of LOVELY pool boys for Christmas last year. Wonder what happened to them? Oh yea. Elaine zapped 'em.

Just wants the pool boys to herself, I suppose.

And since I do not get to go to water aerobics with Elaine and the Hot Brazilians.... I'm gonna have to find some other way to entertain myself.

Now taking applications.....