Thursday, September 01, 2005


I struggle with my thoughts and emotions as I watch the looting in New Orleans. One blog I read this morning called them terrorists. Maybe I should defer to their judgement.

I can sympathize, empathize...understand taking food and diapers and toilet paper. Even a case of Pepsi. Certainly bottled water.

But TV's? There is no electricity. $1000 digital cameras? I can understand shoes... and clothes. But it's one thing to take a change of clothes. It's another to take leather coats. I am quite sure no one needs a leather coat today in New Orleans.

I will send aid. I might even get on an airplane and go and lend my physical help too. I am afraid that there are those who will see the looting and say "sucks to be them" and NOT send aid. They will hear reports of police, fire, military...all coming to help... being shot at and decide they are not worthy.

More people will be dead by the time this is over than died on 9/11/01.

The cost in damaged property will be higher than after 9/11/01.

The economic impact both locally, nationally and globally will be greater than post 9/11/01.

This time we will have no one to blame. No one except ourselves. For building on coastlines. For inadequate flood protection. For poverty so great that some couldn't afford a tank of gas to get out.

This time, there will be no war to declare. No dictators to overthrow to make us feel like we are making a difference. No big guns and bombs to use to vent our anger.

This time. THIS TIME... we must look inward.

Which again, trumps 9/11/01 by a long shot.

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Sarah Lena said...

What's truly, TRULY disturbing is that we're starting to get the impression that this is not a high-ranking issue with the rest of the nation. Bush promised aid; we see none. He is currently sitting in his Rose Garden.

I hope you hear from yours soon.