Monday, November 14, 2005

So. What happened?

Parts of my blog, specifically the comments, were posted on a public message board.

By someone far to obsessed with me for anyone's good. Thank God she lives in Georgia.

Seems she didn't like what me and my best buds posted here. She sent the link to someone else. Someone we spoke of, but never by name.

She walked into my space and didn't like what she heard. And kept coming back. Again and again.

She may be back. Surely she will be able to find me again.

At some point, I won't care if she does. But TONIGHT.... tonight I do. She has torn off the cover of her innocent act. I'm fed up with her shit. And for now, she is blocked.

Tomorrow.... I'll deal with tomorrow.


LivingWilde said...

Damn! I missed all the drama. I went back through posts, but you must have deleted, you high class bitch, you!

Nancy D. said...

Nothing deleted.

I don't censor for others. Only for myself. Of course y'all don't see THOSE cause....well, I censor! LOL!

It's all here.

The drama happened elsewhere.

Sarah Lena said...

Okay, so.. from the EXPERT..

Install a site tracker. Learn her IP address. Monitor AND PRINT OUT how often she's on your site. If she publishes comments, print those out too. Record any and all communication. AND DO NOT RESPOND.

Online harrassment is starting to become a punishable offense. So start putting your ducks in a row now.