Tuesday, November 22, 2005


After being "blog raped", as Sue put it, I protected my blog. If you are here, you have been allowed to be here.

One of the cohorts in this evil doing is now wanting to have a blog...but have it password protected. Blogger does not offer that feature. Other evil-doers have congratulated her on her cleverness of having a password protected blog.

Right. Because no one ever gives out secret information on the internet. Because everything is completely secure on the internet.


I don't want a password protected blog. It annoys me to no end that one can not randomly come upon my blog. I happen upon some pretty darn clever blogs when I "go to next blog". Some of them are in Japanese...so I move right along.

I know why the Trifecta of Malevolence (TOM, the anti-BOB) wants to be password protected. Because they EXPECT pathetic behavior. It's like the husband who suspects his wife of cheating everytime she leaves the house....because HE is cheating every time HE leaves the house. They expect their words to be used as weapons against them because they participate in that very behavior. They are morally bankrupt and cannot imagine how it would be to live in a world where good will is the main currancy.

Terribly sad for them and their lives.

And I refuse to be a part of their miserable world. If they wish to spend their time refreshing 40-odd times, whatever. If they wish to copy and paste my words elsewhere, whatever. If they wish to consume their time with me, whatever. The profess, and do so loudly, they I am nothing to them. And they'll tell you. Repeatedly. Faster than you can get a word in, they will tell you. Again.


But I'm not going to hide. I have done nothing that I am ashamed of. Am I sorry feelings were hurt? Surely. Absolutely. But when you eavesdrop on other people's conversations, don't be shocked at what you hear. The Trifecta have said mean things about people they live with and work with every day. I recall a particularly mean family inside joke told by one. I am sure she would be utterly MORTIFIED if that child's parents found out how she and her children made fun. But they didn't. Because no one sent her words to those parents. I realize that I run the risk of hurting feelings when I post here. I endeavor to never use names. Perhaps you see yourself here. Perhaps you see someone else here. But really, Sue. It isn't always about you! ;)

There will be those who will take any comment...no matter how innocuous and twist it around. I can't help that. There will be those who read here who I wish did not. I know who does and am sensitive to that.

But I also know that there are those who are just spoiling for a fight. I can make a comment about the color of the sky and someone will take it as a personal attack and rip into me about it. It will then be my fault for pointing out that once again, a perfectly reasonable conversation has gone to hell in a handbasket due to one person.


I'm getting to the point where I am pretty much over the whole thing. While I want people to like me, I don't care if they don't. Plenty do. I may be close to zero in my checking account, but I am wealthy in friends. Those I call "best friends" are in every sense of the word. Quick to pick me up. Ready to give me the hard truth. Easy to make me laugh. (sorry dude....) I really do not need to concern myself with the rest of them.

So if you have a link to my blog on your blog.... feel free to update it. If the Trifecta of Malevolence find me again... whatever. If you feel compelled to pass along this address (or this entry) to them... whatever.

But know this. At one time, we were friends. At one time, I would have counted one of them as part of those best friends. She turned on me for reasons unknown. She will turn on you. So watch your step. It went from "oh...wouldn't it be great to do this for a friend" to...well, to whatever you want to call this, within days. Overnight almost. So....you have been warned.

I don't run scared. I don't negotiate with terrorists. I don't give in to them either. My blog is back open. The terrorists don't win here either.

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Sarah Lena said...

Okay, I know this was posted, like, a bazillion days ago, but I just now read it. I've literally been unplugged for a week. It nearly killed me.

And I COMPETELY understand what you're saying here. Bryan doesn't get it, either. He thinks password protecting my site is the best way to ease the situation.

But I don't write to rile the evil. I write so people can wander upon it. And the hope that, maybe, they were moved or touched or tickled by what they found.

So I commend you. Stay strong. And, if you REALLY are ready.. I can't WAIT to update your link on my site.