Tuesday, November 08, 2005

One Week

Just one more week to go. Three more class sessions then the final.

Those that are still with us will probably pass. Not all will be offered jobs.

We've had drop outs. One quit class and complained about me. Why? Because she brought her approximately one year old daughter to class. And it was part 2 of Depreciation. It's the only subject broken into two sessions. Which should give you some clue as to the details and concentration needed.

I told her she must keep her child quiet so everyone could concentrate.

She told me she WAS being quiet. I told her that if I could HEAR the child, she was not being quiet.

She got huffy. Complained to the boss. Boss asked for clarification from someone else. Boss couldn't see why she was pissed. No children in class is the rule. If you bring 'em, they must be silent. Not "quiet baby playing and babbling" but silent. Make arrangements. Stay home and take a make up class. She was probably further pissed when Boss said "Oh. Ok." to her complaint and subsequent quitting.

Oh well. Can't bring child to WORK either. We already have people who don't get that. "I can't find anyone to watch them" Oh. Well then, call in and tell us you won't be here. But don't bring your raving lunatics to the office to run around whilst people are getting their taxes done.

Anyway. One more week. I will submit my evaluations of all our students. One will get a one word eval. "No" She's still hung up on entering all that personal information. She did fine on the midterm. Probably will do fine on the final. I kinda hope not. No. Check that. I really hope she does not. I do not think she should be certified to do taxes. But if she passes..... we have no choice.

We have one with a listening problem. Too busy thinking of what your answer might be that he misses what you actually say. I will tell Boss that.

It really is hard to find good help these days.

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