Thursday, November 10, 2005

Do YOU need a blog?

Here's a quick test. If you identify with two or more of these, you need to get your own blog:

If, on a public message board....

Your post count is over 6000 and you've only been a member since June.

You are consistantly on the Top 10 Posters of the Day list.

You have ever used the phrase "I just need to get this out" when posting.

You post a "vent" more than three times a week.

You carry on weeks long conversations with less than three other people in a thread that has nothing to do with what you're talking about.

You see nothing wrong with posting a large sampling of your vacation photos on a public message board.

You have ever posted a vent and gotten pissed that people gave you advice and no one would delete it.

You have ever posted a play by play, day by day, of a life event (with photos)...buying a new house, getting a divorce, applying for a new name a few.

You have more than a dozen people knowing that your kid didn't take a nap today.

You have more than 3 people, and none of them is either your doctor or sexual partner, knowing your method of birth control and the difficulties you are having with it.


LivingWilde said...


OK. I need a blog!

Nancy - nowimscrappin said...

Well, I think I clearly need a blog - I meet MANY of those criteria. Thanks for the laugh!!

Sue said...


Priceless, Nancy, priceless.