Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bad Words

One of my disclaimers I give when someone asks if they can share my blog with others is: Sure...but I use bad words.

And so do some of my commenters. LOL!

But that's ok. You should read some of our Instant Message conversations. Someone will suddenly drop out of the conversation....

-Where'd she go?

*Dunno. Bitch doesn't like us.




*Oh, there she is. Gotta stop talking about her now.

^ You bitches were talking about me again weren't you?

*- No. Not at all.

We think we're funny.

But our point, I suppose, is that we can use those words and they don't nearly have the power that is usually behind them. They make us laugh. We think "skank whore" is particularly funny. Especially if you're from Idaho. (people are laughing. I can hear them)

Some would say "that's SO Jr. High". But I'm thinking if you're pointing that out...well, the pointing it out is more Jr. High. Because in Jr. High you are very very concerned about what other people are doing. And more importantly, what other people are saying and that maybe they are talking about you.

When you are a grownup, you don't care.

So what ARE bad words? Do they depend on the audience? You probably don't want your 98 year old grandmother reading a post titled "Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck". But your best girlfriends? Sure. Because that's why they are there. For those days that the best description of your life is summed up by that title. (even if your 98 year old grandmother has been known to use that word herself)

But what I know about bad words is this:

Know your audience. I don't use bad words in normal situations. I endeavor not to use them around my children. But they are ALWAYS with me! LOL! I also tell them to do as I say, not as I do and not swear. They laugh at me and say "Oh. Ok mom."

A cleverly placed bad word is better than routine useage. Using the above title of a post once is good. But even using a lesser bad word like "moron" loses impact when used too often.

Know your audience. Being called a "skank whore" by the wrong person is...well, wrong. Make sure you are in on the joke before you start using it. Otherwise you look like a fool. And if you're just using them to fit in? Yea. No.

There are those who are gonna be offended by bad words. So you should endeavor not to use them in their presence. But at the same time, if they come into my sandbox... well, they've been warned.

Know your audience. Walking in and dropping some words as soon as you get there? Uncool. And now we know more about you than we want and you cared for us to know. It might even be wrong. But we doubt it.


Sarah Lena said...

To just prove how it's okay with your girlfriends, but maybe with newbies present, you should reconsider..

When we had our girls getaway a few weeks ago, I was in the massage chair when we were all talking. The masseuse was a young girl, probably 19 or 20. Ra threw out the 'C' word, and I felt the masseuse tighten up.

But we laughed a lot. We knew we'd never see her again anyway.

Elaine said...

I adore you, you skank whore.

Tee hee HEE hee hee....

LivingWilde said...

That was hilarious.

I personally don't have the nerve to use that word. So hearing it from Ra is priceless.

Martha in CA said...

That was a fucking awesome (which is a lot like 'wicked good') post, Nancy! Even though you're a bitch, I still love you and all of those skank whores you hang out with!!

Warms my heart, actually!

Nancy D. said...

My word verification for this post is: FQUGJ.

Say that out loud ladies.

Crack. Me. Up.

I had something else to say, but now I've totally forgotten what it was.... That was just too funny....

Elaine said...


Martha in CA said...



Too friggin' funny! Have to remember that for another time!

LivingWilde said...

The Arnold thing cracks me up. It just proves that he got elected on the novelty factor -- not b/c ppl actually respect his politics.