Thursday, November 10, 2005

Scent of Heaven

Today's adventures in Walnut Creek included new shoes and lunch at Genova's Delicatessan.

It's one of those loud busy places that everyone knows the routine and newcomers need to get with the program QUICK.

But walk through the door.....inhale deeply. Surely this is the air of heaven. The bread. The marinades. The "deli meats". Including the salami, wrapped in paper, hanging from the ceiling. Somewhere in that mix is the scent of red wine, probably Chianti.

I selected my bread from the bin. I looked at my choices of meats.

My number was called. I stepped up with my small loaf of sourdough bread and my #91 and asked for roast beef and provolone.

I go back to Walnut Creek in a couple weeks.

It will include another sandwich at Genova's. But next time, it will be salami.

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