Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Cute One

He was always the Cute One. He was always the one that made the girls scream and swoon.

He still is.

Except those girls are now having hot flashes and THIS time they have nothing to do with him.

He's 63 now. He could easily pass for 20 years younger though.

He's funny. The accent is to die for. And the music..... the music is a gift from God. In some ways, it seems wrong for that much musical talent to be confined to one body. But it is really so very very right.

As we drove home I wondered what it was that made him so sexy. What make him The Cute One even now. Other than he is gosh darn cute.....

And I realized it was the shirt he wears for the final encore at every concert. Three simple words.

No More Landmines.

Not the words you expected? What is about those three words? Simple. They are his wife's words.

He was married for 29 years until Linda died. Twenty Nine. That's a good run for anyone. But for a rocker who could have any woman he wanted every single night? That's almost a miracle. When he remarried, he married a younger woman by a couple decades. She came with a cause. A passion. The elimination of the usage of landmines and the removal of ones from past conflicts around the world. It was not his cause. Until he loved her. Because it was important to her, it was important to him. Because it was her cause, it was his. Because it was her passion, it was his.

Because he loves his wife.

He loved his first wife. He supported her and encouraged her talents. Her music. Her photography. It was 4 years before he remarried after she died.

A man who loves his wife is sexy indeed. Especially when you can see it in his actions. The words are easy. The actions should be just as easy. Often, they are not.

He is a man who you think must have a tremendous ego. How can he not? Every now and again he would say something that made you wonder. A story about a converstion in a bar. His wonder at getting to sing directly to the International Space Station. His pride at NASA choosing "Good Day Sunshine" to wake up the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery (with the first woman commander aboard he was sure to point out) last summer.

And then there is the shirt.

Three words that say:

I love my wife.


LivingWilde said...

My favorite song? Beautiful Night ... on Flaming Pie.

Nancy D. said...

We gotta pick ONE? Hmph.


"Live and Let Die".

In concert. With Pyrotechnics.

But otherwise.... Nope. Can't choose. It's like choosing your favorite child. It depends on the day....

Dirpus said...

What about men who quit bands in support of their wives?

Nancy D. said...

Them too.

A t-shirt would probably be tacky tho'.

(and you CAN go back....)

Dirpus said...

Hmmm. I kind of like the t-shirt idea. What short phrase could we use?

LivingWilde said...

I had to erase... Your kids might read this... Mind is in the gutter... There are just so many things that wives and bands have in common. Of course, I'm thinking of wind instruments here...