Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dine and Dash

Last night as we were waiting and waiting and waiting....and waiting... for our tab at the restaurant, Normy said something about Dining and Dashing. We much as our overstuffed selves could... and.... waited.

I don't think I've ever dined and dashed. We almost did right after our cruise but that was purely out of habit. We hadn't had to pay for a waiter delivered meal in a week! We only got to "are you ready, let's go" before we remembered.

But I was thinking there are other ways to 'dine and dash'. You go in, take it in, and leave without 'payment'.

Blogs are one of those places. I read several blogs. A couple of them don't accept comments. Dooce is one of those. I always feel like I don't give back properly. Sometimes she makes me laugh so hard that I want to give back. Not that I could ever match her, but even just a "oh my flying spaghetti monster, that made me laugh!" Now and again I'll email her. But surely that is lost in the masses of emails she gets. Just like a comment would.

I don't always comment on every post on my friends' blogs. Usually it's because we've already discussed the issue at hand. We've IM'ed and discussed it to death. Nothing more to add. I've said my piece. Sometimes it's because it is an entry about something I'm not a part of. "post here if you'll be at book club". Ok. Not me. Although I DID post when someone said "post here if you'll be at the camp out cause I'm going to Tahoe this week". I said "can't do the campout in Alabama this weekend, but I CAN do Tahoe this week!" And I did. And I blogged it. :D

But I don't 'dine and dash' blogs anymore than I would a restaurant. I think it's rude. To always only read. To never comment (providing commenting is available).

I figure they know I've been there. Nothing is ever anonymous on the internet. There are paths to be traced. ISP's leaving their mark. I know my buddy in a town over traces back to Lubbock, TX. Cracks me up. I know she has an homage to Texas in her family room and now we know it has the RIGHT to be there. I wondered who the heck was in Lubbock.... until I saw her internet provider's name. Um. Ok.

I know you're here. I know you've been here. I'll know if you read this.

So give out a shout! Say "Howdy!" Especially if you're in Texas, just down the street. (Ironically, if I call her, I don't get her town listed on my phone bill either. I get a historical site further down the road. There just whack out there!)

So you Canadians. You Alaskans. Y'all from the south. Log in and say hello!


Sue said...


No incognito lurking. Damn.

Or wait...what are you? A comment whore?


Nancy D. said...

Dear Sue,

Shut up.


Elaine said...

Dooce used to have comments. She closed them about 6 months ago because commenters were in-fighting on the little community that had been created. It was interesting to watch, and she turned off the comments rather than watch her site implode because of them. Smart move, really.

But people would race to be the first commenter, so the first 14 or 15 or so would be things like "#2? Was I fast enough to be #2?" and then an immediate followup, "Damn. Only #5 today." Or whatever.

And then the literalists who think that she's being serious when she talks about selling her child to the gypsies (WHO WOULD DO THAT, I ASK YOU?!) would slam her in the comments... And then her supporters would slam the literalists, and then other free-speech screamers would slam the supporters, and it got messy.

Ah, to be controversial. I'm so white-bread.

jaylene said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog, I always love how you put your thoughts into words, of course I am sure that this is because I generally agree with you

Martha said...

But I really like being a lurker! But then again, as a kid I always liked snooping through my older sister's room. But, because you asked so nicely, and you know I read routinely...I will offer a comment and tell you that I really like your blog. You've got a real talent for writing!
Martha in CO

Renee said...

Does AZ count as 'part of the south'?


Just dropping by...I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. And I really need to get my blog going. It IS rude not to share.

Sarah Lena said...

Well, I think you know you have quite a readership in little ole Huntsville, Alabammmy.

And I couldn't agree more with you regarding Dooce. I SO OFTEN want to just give her a pat on the back, for making me spew diet coke out of my nose for the third time that week.

Amber said...

I'm popping in from time to time (that's usually through NY, - haven't seen it pop up as MA or Boston when I trace it, so I'm not sure what IP you see it as).

Everything is better with beer. :)