Saturday, November 19, 2005

Escape into Magic

Yesterday, Nov. 18, was "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" day. Some people I know went at midnight. I considered it since I was up. But I decided it would be very early in the morning and went to bed instead. But we went last night. Unfortunately, a book like "Goblet" is too big to put on screen in its entirety. Tom Clancy books are like that as well. Which means the movie leaves the reader unfulfilled in some ways. They must choose what to bring to the screen. Which may or may not be the individual reader's favorite bit of the book.

Having said that... I anticipate going back, spending another $10 on a ticket, and seeing "Goblet" at LEAST once more before it leaves the theater. It will be added to our DVD collection as soon as possible as well.

And this morning, magic of an earlier time. No wands. No Unforgiveable Curses. No Lord Voldemort.

A few weeks ago, a skeptical Emma asked me a question. I could tell she thought someone was yanking her chain.....

"Have you ever heard of a movie called "Escape to Witch Mountain"?"

I happened to be on my computer and I knew what I had as I answered I called up my Netflix queue.

"Why YES I have, Em!" I replied.

She was incredulous. REALLY???!!!

And there it was. In my Netflix queue. It happened to be #1.

Find the Herbie movies and we'll send them back and get "Escape Witch Mountain".

This morning we are watching a magical movie from 1975. Special effects are low tech. CGI? What is that??!!

Young wizards discovering their powers. Young wizards learning how to use their powers and not understanding them.

Yea. My kids are gonna like this movie.

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Jaylene in KS said...

OOOH must add that to my list, we just got done with the original Freaky Friday and Parent Traps. Here is a sad piece of trivia for you, Kim Richards (the young girl witch) is the aunt of Paris Hilton, her older sister is Paris' mother