Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Men At Work

No. Not the 80's band..... ;)

What is it about heavy machinery that we find so facinating? Today they are grinding up the parking lot at the tax office. Grinding up the old to put in new. I stood and watched. Other people stood and watched.

There is something hypnotic about watching graders level a field.

Something facinating about watching the heavy roller flatten out the asphalt of a new road.

I can so understand why small children want to watch. It's new. It's big. It's exciting.

But it cracks me up to watch adults do the same thing.

For the same reasons, I suppose....


LivingWilde said...

I like it when they work without shirts.

I'm easily pleased.

Stacy said...

When they tore down an ugly strip mall last summer, I practically went into mourning that I'd missed it. And today, while I waited for Dani after school, I sat in the car and watched while the big machines leveled the lot that the ugly strip mall once sat on. Those dirt movers are COOL. I swear. I'm a boy somewhere deep inside.

Martha in CA said...

Being the mom of a boy that is totally fascinated with all things 'Heavy Equipment' (in fact we're watching something related on Discovery Channel). Anywhore, the machinery IS fascinating! Sometimes the guys operating that machinery are just as fascinating! ahem...