Monday, July 11, 2005

UFO Sightings

We have several UFO's at our house. Too many UFO's, actually. But we are 99.9% down by one. As soon as Elaine sends me the button she says is "perfect", I will sew it on and have one UnFinished Object....Finished.

The Big Pink Thing is knitted. I am working on the cording. Which probably could be more tedious, but I don't know how. Two cords. 60" each, minimum. Then I will felt it all. After it dries... another UFO gone.

Then there is the hat. Remind me not to do anything with STRIPES ever again. I made good progress on that hat during Annual Conference....but I'm not sitting and listening to people talk all day long any more. Nor am I sitting in the car for several hundred miles. Other things tug at me. Like other UFO's and laundry and checking to see if the mail came.... But I will finish it too.

I'm not nearly as productive as Elaine in MY frenzy but I will NEVER be as energetic as Elaine either. And she feels guilt when she spends a day being a slug. I don't suffer from that at ALL. Frittering does not bother me one whit.

I wonder if after I deplete my supply of UFO's if I will move on to UFProjects. I don't hold out much hope, but one never knows, does one? I rather suspect I will create more UFO's......

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