Saturday, July 23, 2005

Attention Shoppers! Please stay home!

File this one under "Pet Peeves".

I am not a morning person. Which means... I don't deal well with anything until about noon. However, I don't want to be out and about dealing with traffic and lots of people in the afternoon. Especially in the summer cause it's HOT and everyone is grumpier.

I want to get up and run my errands and then have "happy me" time when I am at home or doing something I WANT to do. I do not want to fill my "happy me" time with stupid errands.

During the school year, this means I want to take my child to school and THEN go immediately to run my errands. The child starts school at 8:15. Which means I can go to the grocery store and Home Depot. They open at 6am.

EVERYWHERE else opens at 10am. What the hell is up with THAT? Ok. Target opens at 8:30. And if I am to go to Target, it will be as close to 8:30 as possible. Before the screaming toddlers get there. (which will no doubt be later blog fodder)

Today. A Saturday. Normy and I wanted to go buy a Portable/Personal DVD player. Excellent. We are up. We are dressed. Let's go before I have to go to work, it gets hot and so we can deliver the DVD player to the person for whom we are buying it, so he can have it most of today.

Circuit City. Opens at 10.
Best Buy. Opens at 10.

Target is open, but they don't have the one that Norm has determined is the "best one".

So...Norm is pouring concrete. I am about to go to work. Later this afternoon, Norm will go get the DVD player and the person who is "waiting" for it (he doesn't know he's getting it...shhhhh) won't have it for most of today.

Y'all don't have to open at 6am. Just 9. Nine would be good. Nine is not too early, but not when the morning is....well, not really morning anymore.

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