Tuesday, July 19, 2005


No...not the kind you took in high school.

I'm talking about the kind that ENVELOPS the lives of some people. No matter how big, no matter how small..... it is all a BIG!!!!!! DEAL!!!!!!!

Good grief. I'm tired of it. I'm especially tired of the drama that is relatively easy to solve. Small actions to be sure, but significant actions. Small, significant actions that will make the immediate problem better, solved even, and have a ripple effect and improve other BIG!!!!! DEAL!!!!!! problems.

In otherwords; fix it or quit complaining. If you don't like your situation....change it. Move, change jobs, change churches, stop it, begin it, fire him, hire her, divorce him, date her. DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT.

I have had someone "divorce" herself from me recently. Excellent. I held up a mirror and she didn't like it. (me and some other friends) So ok.... that's fine. Go work on yourself and your life. I'm not saying the door is closed forever....but it's closed for now.

So stay out of my email box. Same drama. Same BIG!!!!!!! DEAL!!!!!!!!! {sigh} Filters have been created. I'll let her vent....but I don't have to read it.


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SarahLena said...

Drama? What's drama? I'm afraid I've never heard of such..

.. nice to meet you, FYI. :)