Monday, September 19, 2005

What The Heck...

Everyone else has a list, I might as well too....

4 Things To Do Before I Die:

1. Visit all 50 states.
2. Learn to play the piano or sax or both.
3. Be published, in print.
4. Travel to Australia.

4 Things Crossed Off the List:
1. CA, OR, WA, AK, NV, TX, UT, CO
2. Sing a solo in church.
3. Take a cruise.
4. Donate blood.

4 Things I'm Good At:
1. Finding new hobbies.
2. Procrastinating.
3. Being a mom.
4. Voicing my opinion.

4 Things That Need Improvement:
1. Housekeeping
2. Keeping up with my hobbies.
3. Not procrastinating.
4. Keeping my opinions to myself.

4 Things I Can Not Do:
1. Wink with both eyes.
2. Ride a unicycle.
3. Algebra.
4. Donate a kidney.

4 Things I Say A Lot:
1. Would you PLEASE pick up your things?
2. Hi. How can I help you?
3. WTF?
4. Where is.....?

4 Things I Loathe:
1. Brussel Sprouts.
2. The self righteous.
3. Rap/Hip Hop, especially coming from the car four cars away.
4. Housework.

4 Things That Make Me Cranky:
1. Illogical Conclusions
2. Things on the floor
3. Being late.
4. Chores not done.

4 Things That Feed My Soul:
1. Music, all kinds (except rap/hip-hop obviously)
2. IM-ing with friends.
3. Hanging out with Normy doing routine things.
4. Being creative.

4 Things That Make Me Laugh:
1. The Bobs
2. Normy
3. Jon Stewart
4. Inside Jokes

4 People/Groups of People That Enrich My Life:
1. My family
2. Elk Grove United Methodist Church
3. The Elk Grove Community
4. The Bobs - the best friends a person can hope for

4 People That Inspire Me:
1. Norm, who shows me how to love unconditionally
2. My Childrenn, who teach me daily
3. Kathy LaPoint-Collup, my pastor who shows me how too embody Christ
4. My parents, I turned out GREAT!

4 Reasons I Would Marry Norm Again:
1. He supports me in all I do.
2. He is a great Dad.
3. He makes me laugh.
4. He loves me with his whole heart.

4 Quotes That I Love:
1. "There can't be good living when there is not good drinking." - Benjamin Franklin

2. "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Martin Luther King, Jr.

3. "Your ignorance cramps my conversation." - Bob Hope

4. "The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content in your knowledge." - Elbert Hubbard

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