Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Did It To Myself

I decided I wanted to knit a special blanket.

I figured I had plenty of time.

Dang if October doesn't follow September which follows August AGAIN this year.

But in my defense, I had "October 18" as her due date. Just because that is WRONG.... should not be held against me.

Oh. Baby Shower? September 18?

Yea. Panic knitting has ensued.

I absolutely positively MUST make major progress tomorrow.

Photos when I'm done......

(update to my Katrina blog for those interested. shame on the spammer who posted a comment to it. you have been deleted and banned.)


Aardvark said...

I guess if I am going to be a good mother like you and Elaine...I will have to learn to knit. Freickidy - Fracken Firck

Nancy D. said...

If it makes you feel any better... I didn't learn how to knit until my babies were 9 and 12.

Elaine is an overachiever....

Stacy said...

I can make you feel even better. My kids are 14, 4 and 3 and I still have no desire to knit. NONE. (Shut UP, Nancy.)

Nancy D. said...

Stacy is a LIAR.

She wants to knit a Tart Hat. Maybe a strawberry hat.

She REALLY wants to......