Friday, September 09, 2005


So Kaitlyn is going to Extremz tonight.... first they go to a worship service at another church and then they go to a local small amusement park. They are to be awake all night. But that's not really relevent. The point is, she has to be at the church at 9pm.

I was going to take her.

But then Norm got home and said HE would take her cause he had to pick up a laser printer from Doug (who is an Extremz chaperone)

okey fine

Kaitlyn comes down about 5+ minutes before it's time to go.....she gets her permission slip off the fridge. I tell Norm, she's got the slip.... Okey dokey

The three of us are chatting.I say.... y'all better get going....

So Kaitlyn jumps up and Norm goes and gets his keys and wallet and such.....The TWO of them go out the door.

Seconds later Kaitlyn comes back in....

Me: What are you doing back inside?
Her: I WAS SUPPOSE to go with dad, right???
Me: Yea...why are you inside?
Her: Well, he TOTALLY just left without me.
Me: Are you sure?
Her: Yea....he drove down the street.
(at this point I'm trying to him and ask "did ya forget anything?" or just take her and meet him at the church....)
Her: BUUUUUT he's coming back.
Me: he stopping for you?
Her: Yep. BYE!

.......time passes.......

Me: Did ya forget anything?
Him: I got to the court and said "SHIT!"
Me: "Take child to church" kinda implies that one oughta TAKE the child.
Him: I was going to get the laser printer from Doug. Forgot about the "take Kaitlyn" part.

Him: Doug forgot the laser printer. I'll have to get in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

After I got up off the floor, dried tears from my face (and legs), your dad came in. I read it to him and did it all over again. We could just picture the scene at your house. Thanks for a good belly laugh this morning.