Friday, September 02, 2005


Five words: "We are ok minor damage"

They came into my phone while I was out walking this morning. Kaitlyn was with me...poor kid. Her mother starts boohooing half a block from school....

Five precious text messaged words from Gulfport, Mississippi.

In today's email was information from the California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodist Church. UMCOR is working to provide needed services. Immediate "rescue" services. Intermediate "muck out and clean up" services. Long term "rebuild and reconstruct" services.

I don't think I'll be able to make the rescue effort. I'm hoping to make the "muck out" effort.

I will be talking to folks from church. Maybe we'll get a group together. Maybe I'll go by myself, but not alone... with their support and prayers. Maybe I'll go to Texas and join my friend Stacy and her church in their efforts.

I don't know HOW. I don't know WHEN. But I am healthy. I am strong. I will find a way.

In my ideal world, I would have an RV that I could fill up with bottled water and canned goods (with can openers) that I could drive into the disaster zone. I could be self contained and not be another mouth to feed, another body to hydrate, another person who needs a place to potty. I could drive out and dump waste and reload supplies and come back. But I will be content with just getting there. Even if it's just driving my little yellow beetle.........

Stay tuned for further developments.

Thank God the Appel family is safe. God be with those who are not.

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