Thursday, September 15, 2005


One of the hardest thing in the parenting job is determining if the kid is REALLY sick or just doesn't wanna go to school.

Being stuffy and sniffly always helps add to the drama.

Emma has hay fever. She is stuff and sniffly and often, coughy, a lot. If she stayed home every time she hacked up a lung, she'd never go to school.

Yesterday I was a horrible mean mom making her sorry self go to school. I'll admit that PART of that was because I had to go to work. But I figured if she STILL felt like crud, she could stay home TODAY.

Today she feels fine. Just like yesterday afternoon. Perky and skippy and happy. Uh huh... It was more "I don't want to go to school" than "I feel like crud".

Oh. And I'm itchy... says Emma.

Dang. I bet you are! Emma has a rash. It's on her torso only, save one small patch on her shoulder.

I outlined the rash last night, gave her loratadine, and sent her to bed. I think it's less in some places and bigger in other places this morning.

She's not going to school today. We have a doctor's appointment at 9:50. I suspect it is just hives. But I'm not sure what hives LOOK like. The nurse said it was like welts. Well.... maybe these are teeny tiny welts. Look more like pin pricks. If she had been rolling around on the grass, I'd say "it's a grass rash". But she wasn't. And she wasn't doing it nakey!

But I was right about yesterday. She was allergy struck, but she was able to go to school. I'm kinda afraid it's a reaction to loratadine. What do you do when you're allergic to the allergy medication?? In which case, I just gave her more of what she's allergic to....

UPDATE: Diagnosis: "Contact Dermititis" Meaning she came into contact with something she is allergic to. WHAT that is, remains a mystery. So she is soaking in an Aveeno filled bath. We have new hydrocortisone, but we can't cover her in that. It will just go on the itchiest spots. I have Benedryl to give to her before bed. She is cleared for school tomorrow....


Sarah Lena said...

With it covering a portion of her torso.. sounds like it's either a change in detergents (did you maybe pick up a new scent or new additive?) or maybe a piece of clothing that was new for school and worn before washing.

Problem skin, right here, folks. All about the Dreft and Aveeno.

Elaine said...

Yep, Sarah -- that's a September 3 thing. I have obnoxiously sensitive skin.

Did Emma switch shampoo recently?

Nancy D. said...

We have changed NOTHING! That's what's so baffling. Same every kind of soap. Not even a new shirt that might be made of some funky fabric with some funky treatment.

It LOOKS like how the back of her legs look when she sits on the grass. and if it had been on the back of her legs...I would've told her "duh... eventually you'll remember to NOT sit on the grass..."

The ONLY thing I can come up with (after conversing with another mom with the same issue in HER kid) is that there is something in the air that is swirling about on a Delta Breeze.....


Sarah Lena said...

Honestly, Nancy, if you lived around these parts, we'd blame it on the defollient used in the cotton. We've had people move because of harsh allergic reactions to it.

Maybe there's something around there? Any crop fields near by?