Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Useful info for this entry: If you wish to felt wool, on purpose, you must wash it in hot water in a washing machine. The combination of hot water and agitation will cause the wool fibers to shrink and grab onto each other and become a solid piece of wool felt. All felting patterns give this instruction. Sometimes you do this with the Irish wool sweater that you love and so you give it to a toddler. Other times you do this to make a hat or purse or other item.

"I knitted that flower from the kit, but it didn't felt!"

Really? Do you have it?

"Yea, here..."

(flower and leaf are examined. Sure enough, knitted but not felted in the least.)

Is this the yarn from the kit?

"Yea. I bought it here."

Did you put it in the washing machine?

"Washing machine? NO! I put it in the microwave! Does it HAVE to go in the washing machine?"


"I have to put that little flower into the whole washing machine?"


"Well, ok then...."

Bless your heart.....


Elaine said...

You can felt in the bathtub with swishing, but it's just s.l.o.w.


Sarah Lena said...

She did it! She blessed someone's heart!!

We'll keep her. :)

Aardvark said...

why did she put it in the microwave

Nancy D. said...

I have no idea! I was afraid if I asked, I'd just bust out laughing in her face. None of us could look at each other (employees and customers... we were swamped!). When she left someone said "MICROWAVE???" and the shop erupted in laughter.

Maybe she thought it just had to get HOT?