Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Neighborhood Cleanup/Throw Your Junk In The Street Day

Once a year, we are given a "Neighborhood Clean Up Day". A free day to get rid of the big stuff. BIG stuff. Old refrigerators. Furniture, all sorts. Broken toys. You name it, it goes out there. Unless it's something like slightly decayed plutonium or something. There is a list of do's and don'ts. We are limited on the number of tires we can dispose of, for example. And we must stack them separately. I have yet to see tires. I have to wonder how many middle class homes have random TIRES hanging around. If I have an old tire, it was left at the tire store when I got a new one, ya know?

We are not to put things like computers and TV's out on the pile. These are "hazardous electronic waste". There will be directions on disposing of those things at a later date.

Furthermore, there shall be NO SCAVAGING.

So people put out their old TV's and computers and the scavengers take them away. Drive around the night before and behold that junk. The two sofas, in front of two different houses, that HAD to be the height of home furnishing fashion. In 1983. Wonder why they didn't just put "it" in the regular trash as "it" would surely fit without a problem. Realize that those little kids just aren't little anymore and the swing set has seen better days.

Be alert. Be VERY alert in the predawn hours. Scavengers are pawing through the piles. The Little Tykes Tool Bench is gone. The double mattress and box spring? Gone. So is the TV. Get out of the way, here comes one that is eyeing that turtle sandbox/wading pool.

In some ways, I feel rather sad. I see people obviously downtrodden and with less means going through the piles. But then I see someone in a $45,000 pick up truck that boasts of 7 miles per gallon and think.... y'all need to reprioritize. If you're getting your kids toys out of other people's trash.... get a cheaper car that costs less to drive and just BUY your kid a sandbox.


Dirpus said...

Maybe they're collecting all that 'stuff' to sell at a garage sale to get money to pay for that $45,000 truck. Sort of like a different version of clipping coupons.


Sarah Lena said...

I have a problem with junk. I want it. Don't take me to a yard sale; I'll buy $50 of stuff I don't need/want/use. I just like making treasures out of trash.

Then again, I'm not currently in posession of a $45K ANYTHING, so maybe you weren't talking to me. :)

I'm just sayin'.. Throw Your Junk in the Street Day sounds like a haven for Sarah. :)

Martha in CA said...

Greg is a scrounge. The Boy has that in his DNA. We often have other people's cast-off's.

However, the first junk day after we moved out here (we were sorta feeling poor) we got a "new" patio table and chairs! It worked GREAT for several more years, and then we gave it to some friends!

Our trash service provides four "free" bulk pick-ups during the year. You just call 'em and tell 'em what you have (must conform to their specifications...so nothing as big as a washer/dryer).