Monday, February 06, 2006


Sometimes I feel like my body just does. not. like. me. I don't know why. I take reasonably good care of it. Most of the problems it has, it has brought upon itself..... *I* didn't inflict it with the various maladies. I take it to the doctor. I fix whatever is wrong with it as soon as possible.

So WHY??? Why would it just literally stab me in the back for the mere crime of STANDING UP?

Today has been a waste. It was supposed to be a watch movies and bake cookies day with Emma. We watched cookies.

We also went to the chiropractor. Who was able to crack my back into a point where I can stand upright. For which I am grateful. But tomorrow I must go to work. Sitting work. Which is ok. I will take my heating pad. I also go back for another crack tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to function.....

None of my pain killer pills are helping. So I've resorted to a simple regimine of aspirin to help with inflammation. Why take the narcotics when they don't do anything more than aspirin. (see....I'm being considerate of both my liver and my digestive tract... a little consideration here....some quid pro quo???)

And I'm going away on Friday. Not far, but it will involve a suitcase.



Elaine said...

Aw, that sucks. :(

GP checked me out yesterday and could give me nothing for my mouth ulcers... So I'm still waiting to see the allergist in the morning. Which means no antihistimines. Which means my swollen throat is just something I get to deal with for another 24 hours. Yeehaw.

I hate that you're so hurty. When I've had back pain, it's been horrific, and I know that I have no concept of the kind of pain you're talking about.

Martha in CA said...

Yikes. Wish I had something helpful to offer. How 'bout a cyber hug {{{Nancy}}} that way I won't touch your back and you don't have to raise your arms.

After the cracking, can you get on a regular regime of massage?