Wednesday, February 01, 2006

To Blog or Not To Blog...etc...

Periodically I am chastised for not updating my blog. I don't not blog to irritate anyone. And I understand that irritation because I feel it too when *I* go to the same thing for a week at a time at someone else's blog.

I have not endeavored to blog every day. I know someone who does. But he comes up with these obscure, but nonetheless facinating little web tidbits to fill in for the days that he doesn't have a personal story to relate. And I usually follow them. And an hour later I still have nothing to blog about.

So if you arrive here in a week and this is still the latest entry, forgive me. But I simply have nothing worthwhile to say. Or nothing I should say in public..... And I guess that's my point. I have a lot of 'stuff' in my everyday life. But really.... you wouldn't want me discussing your taxes on my blog, so I won't discuss other people's here either!

But I am SURE that by April there will be a Tax Preparer's Lament of some sort. But for now... we're just tired. It's been surprisingly busy at our office.....


Martha in CA said...

Well...*I'd* like to hear some tax stories! But I'm nosey like that! LOL!! Chances are, the way your hamlet has grown, I wouldn't even know the person!

I DO like to see something different, but for selfish reasons. It gives me an excuse(yet another) to put off doing the things on my 'to-do' list a little longer! But then, I don't blog each day either, nor do I find interesting tidbits to share that are elsewhere on the www.

On to the next blog on my 'list' then hittin' the shower...cuz even though it's Wednesday, it's not my "I don't have to cleanse day."


LivingWilde said...

I want to hear tax stories that involve people finding strange ways to save money on taxes. Cause I always hear crap about that on the news, and they never apply to me!!!