Thursday, February 02, 2006


First noticeable improvement around here: The Boy has caused regular, un-nagged (!!) attention to personal hygiene. I haven't met The Boy yet. But I love him.

Second noticeable improvement: Chores are being done. Phone call to me today: "Hi mom, it's me. Can I play with Kaelin? Cause I did all my chores...." I granted permission and came home to find that yes, indeed, she had done all assigned chores.

Sometime over the weekend someone spiked my kids hot chocolate with Maturity and Responsibility. (as evidenced by the LACK of hot chocolate mugs strewn about in the family room and instead set in the sink. Not quite in the dishwasher but a BIG improvement.)

Thank you. Whoever you are.

(I hope it holds....)

1 comment:

Sarah Lena said...

BWAHAHAHAHA. This made me laugh out loud. Why? Because I remember being that age.

And it makes me laugh now.

You hit it on the head; it is LOVERLY not to care.