Friday, February 03, 2006

Daring Randomness

Yesterday I asked a man at work out on a date.

He's kinda cute. I share a desk with him. He takes over my desk when I leave. So I don't spend much time with him.... just the few minutes that it takes to make the desk handoff. Sometimes I spend a few extra minutes bringing him up to speed on a client that SWEARS they will be back "tonight" (loosely defined as "sometimes before April 15") just in case they actually DO return during his shift. I always leave detailed notes...but it gives me an excuse to stand next to him.

Sometimes my arm touches his, even!

I didn't actually ask him out on a date, face to face. I texted the question. But he answered back in the affirmative. So we are going out. TONIGHT!

The kids will have to forage through the leftovers for dinner tonight. Cause Mom and Dad are OUTTA HERE.

....unless we are too wiped out from work and just decide that 12 hours of sleep is the better option.....


Elaine said...

Ooooo, where are you going to go?

LivingWilde said...

Sorry about the back. :-( Does not sound like much fun.