Thursday, May 04, 2006


We are in the middle of a lot of growing here. You should see the weeds out back!

And the weeds we call our children. Kaitlyn looks me dead in the eye these days. Emma is getting closer every day to doing so. I need to measure her again. I think she's actually grown since I last measured her a couple weeks ago.

The weeds out back? Bad growth. But expected when you combine a long wet winter with sudden warm spring.

The children growing? Good growth. Bad for the checking account cause they need all new clothes and shoes when they do that. But good in the long run.

Personal growth? It's good too. But it often leaves a wake of hurt and anger. Growing up and finding yourself and who you are and standing firm in that will offend. It will make people angry. It will most anger those who were happy with who you WERE. The ones that took advantage of your uncertainty. They were happy to let you work hard and then sit silent while they took the glory and credit. They could count on you to say only what they wanted to hear. They knew that no matter how wrong you thought they were... you would keep it to yourself lest their feelings be hurt.

So finding your true self and striving to be faithful to yourself and those most important to you is bound to offend those who were happy when you were unhappy.

These are people you need not concern yourself with. True friends... heart friends... will be cheering you on. They have been all along. They have cried for your hurt. They have fought for you when you could not. They have prayed for your peace. They are also willing to come over and stomp those nasty people who don't like the new you. Cause that's what friends are for!

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