Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reality Check

I don't do "Reality" TV. I have only watched Survivor once. And that was because EVERYONE else wanted to watch it and I was polite. I understand some guy named Chris was recently voted of the American Idol Island and this was a tragedy and the Supreme Court may be looking into voting irregularities. (wait... no.........)

I do not understand the consternation. I do not understand how petitions can be circulated because the voting machines didn't work for a TELEVISION SHOW, but these same people don't give a crap about the voting machines not working in a presidential election because they didn't vote in THAT one. Priorities here people.... let's re-evaluate.

Then there is the 'reality' of make believe shows. The ones not even 'ripped from the headlines'. The pure fiction ones. The ones that exist solely to entertain and get you to tune in next week (or next season as the case is every May).

I am completely amused at the MORAL OUTRAGE at Meridith and McDreamy's ADULTRY. How DARE they! That slut Meridith.... he's MARRIED!!! That cad McDreamy.... he's MARRIED! Or.... "there is NO WAY Izzy wouldn't have gotten kicked out on her ass if she had done that in a real hospital!"

There's a clue. It is NOT a "real hospital". It is a TV show. It is make believe.

How is it that Horatio can just LEAVE his dying new bride (who was shot by not that person but another person and that really just doesn't make sense)?? NO WAY a police department would let her husband and brother investigate her shooting/murder!!! They have OTHER cops!

Again. This isn't a documentary of the Miami/Dade Police Department. In reality the Miami/Dade Police Department doesn't issue Hummers to their CSI's either...

What just cracks me up is some of the people who overlay real life on pretend TV are also some very intense soap opera fans.

What? Adultry, murder, incest (but they don't know it at the time, of course) kidnappings and resurrection after a fiery plane crash.... all in one character.... THAT doesn't seem "off" to you? But Meridith and McDreamy gettin' it on does?

If you need moral outrage, examine the White House's interest in your phone calls. If you need a reason to be pissed off, wonder why Karl Rove hasn't been kicked out on HIS ass. The reality of the real world (not to be confused with the not so much Real World tv show) should get you plenty outraged.


LivingWilde said...

I'm with you, Nancy. I'm not a tv person. At all. No cable. Only local channels, and very rarely do we turn on those. We do rent movies. I love good movies. Kind of like I love good books. But they END. The problem with tv series to me is that they go on forever. (This from someone who owns all 10 seasons of Friends. But that doesn't count!)

My complaint against tv is that people use it as an excuse not to live their lives. Go outside! Take a walk! Play a GAME with your kids! VOLUNTEER. The average American watches more tv than they spend hours at work. Are you kidding me?

Sarah said...


Now, hush. Dr. Phil is back on.