Tuesday, May 16, 2006


We have a blue bird. He's a bird. He's blue. I don't know any more about this bird than that.

He is...about three years old. He is not a caged bird. He's a wild bird. But every year at about this time, he comes back.

You are probably wondering how I know it is the same blue colored bird.....

Because every year at about this time, around mid-day, he starts banging at our dining room window. Or maybe that's just "banging our dining room window".

We aren't sure if he sees a mate or a rival in the the reflection of the window. But whatever it is, it results in a constant banging at the window.

I have noticed this year he is less vigorous in his banging. It used to be relentless.... constant for about five hours a day. He now takes a swipe or two at that bird in the window and quits. Maybe he's just getting too old to bang into windows all day long. Maybe he figures 'she' isn't gonna give it up or 'he' isn't gonna go away. I don't know.

Our little bird started out by annoying me to no end. First by me not being able to figure out who/what was banging the house. He would fly away when there was movement behind the window. It was by chance I caught him. Second by banging. into. the. window. every. 10. seconds. for. hours.

But as I realize our little friend is slowing down..... I think I shall miss him. I suspect this is our last spring with him.

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Dirpus said...

He's probably slowing down because he's gotten too many concussions. Time to retire from the game little fellow.