Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fifth Grade

Twenty-nine years ago I was in the fifth grade. At this point in the year, the movers were scheduled and I was saying my goodbyes to my friends. We were moving from one end of the state to the other.

Tonight, I spent the evening with two of those friends. Nancy S. had a party for her 40th birthday tonight. We reconnected a couple years ago and found out we only live about 45 minutes from each other. We just haven't been able to connect in person. Email, phone... but not face to face. The whole family was invited and my children put on their happy faces and set aside the sullen attitude of teenagerhood for the evening and came along.

Nancy also invited Liz. Who I think goes by Elizabeth now. Liz brought her family too. Husband and two little girls. I met Nancy's husband, daughter and son.

Her daughter and Emma are in the fifth grade.

The food was fantastic. The drink, plentiful. The time to talk? Scarce. It was a party with a lot of people and Nancy couldn't just sit and talk with one person. Liz and I had a good catching up. Another guest was also in Job's Daughters and we spoke of Job's and Kaitlyn was able to join in the conversation with the grownups for a while. I think that improved her mood alone!

As we were leaving we decided we needed to go out to dinner. Have Kaitlyn babysit the younger kids while the four grownups go out to dinner.

.....and not let another twenty-nine years pass before we do so.

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