Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day Of Silence

Today is the day that the high school students are being silent.

Well... those who wish to be, that is. I hope they don't encounter hate in the process. I spoke to Kaitlyn this morning on how to comport herself if she does. I also told her to call me if it comes from adults. Cause *I* will have something to say about THAT.

They are silent in support of their gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered classmates who are, because of hate, are forced to be silent every day.

Next month our church will vote on whether or not to become a Reconciling Congregation of The United Methodist Church. I am hopeful that we will. We have done everything and become everything that makes a church a Reconciling Congregation. Now we just have to hang the sign on the door.

I am proud of the youth of our church who have, time and time again, stood up against hate towards the G/L/B/T community. I am proud of my daughter who is willing to do so too.

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