Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bandos, Part 2

My CD came today. Well, technically it came yesterday but no one got the mail yesterday.

The return address was vaguely familiar. It didn't have the band name on it and it was hand written.... Who was sending me something from Tustin??

A few seconds later it clicked.

My Narwhal CD.

The receipt had a different address. THAT one was very familiar. Go down the street I grew up on, cross the major street and turn the corner. When you turn the corner, it becomes the street on the receipt.

....someone oughta hook these boys up with Matt Lillard.


Anonymous said...

Matt who? :) M

LivingWilde said...

LOL... I can't believe you knew where Nancy!!! We were booked at Xpu-Ha, but the hurricane wiped it out...