Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So many times, it is all relative.

Emma is the shortest one around our house. So we tend to think of her as "short". We are all at least a head plus taller than she is. Emma, however, thinks of herself as "tall".

She spends most of her day around kids her age (10). Most of those kids are shorter, some significantly so, than she is. One kid in class is about her height. But she said he was about to turn THIRTEEN. (no.... I don't know why a 12 year old is in 5th grade. But I do know he has some hearing issues and was not born in this country and so may have had a late start in getting a proper education.) There is one girl in her class who is, I swear, HALF Emma's height. I do believe that girl is older than she is. Most of them are....

By summer, she will be a solid 5 feet tall.

She has yet to start any sort of real growth spurt.

I suppose her size 9 (women's) feet are only a precursor to what is yet to be.

Maybe I should sign her up for Joe and Gavin's Basketball Camp this summer......

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Martha in CA said...

Yes, and let me remind you that your #1 daughter has been taller than me for quite a while!

Y'all are freaks of nature!

Oh. Wait. There are freaks in my family too...that bit of DNA skipped me!

Size 9 feet, eh? Does she have any outgrown Crocs? LOL!

(standing tall...I top out at 5'4"...Emma will pass me up before she gets to jr. high)