Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The common wisdom when I was in the marching band in high school was "Once a Bando, never normal." That's of course presuming normalcy before getting to band....

One of the things that George Weibel instilled in us was the all music is good. Don't discount a genre of music just because it isn't something you think you would like.

I have endeavored to keep that in mind. As a result, sometimes I know about bands before the rest of the world. Maroon 5 was one. Y'all know about them now, don't ya?

The only exception to this rule is rap. Cause rap ain't music. You gotta have, you know, music for it be...well, music. Rhyming isn't music. It's an exercise to help preschoolers to read. You might know the master rapper... Dr. Seuss.


My latest find I HAVE to give some publicity. I have a sneaking suspicion that these kids know George too..... They are from Tustin, CA. They won the Battle of the Bands at their high school. Huh.... My alma mater is in Tustin and has a Battle of the Bands.....

Even if they DID go to that other high school.... they're good. Catch 'em early and be cutting edge.

They are represented by Maloof Music and so will be performing during half time during the Kings whomping by the Spurs tonight. I hoped to make it but I have other places to be.

Meanwhile, you can check them out for yourself.



Narwhal - MySpace

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