Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A List:

Big cheapo bottle of Shampoo for when the children need to use our shower.

Big cheapo bottle of Conditioner for when the children need to use our shower.

One bottle of cheapo shampoo, for colored hair.

One bottle of cheapo conditioner, for colored hair.

One bottle of superdeeduper conditioner for the frizzies that got set in there and not taken out.

One bottle of a combo of conditioner that really zaps the frizzies.

One tube of gentle face cleaner that is good and soapy and gets the makeup off.

One tube of super gritty face cleaner (although it says "hand and body") that gets the flakey dry spots on my face that I have acquired with age.

One tube of extra super gritty FOOT scrub that SOMEONE really ought to be using on both hands and feet.

One bottle of "body wash" that has been there for a year and not even a quarter of it is gone. I should take it out.

One gallon jug of Pert Plus for people with no hair.


Elaine said...

Next thing to count: How many of those products contain the chemicals to which Elaine is allergic?

Pauvre Moi.

Dirpus said...

Due to the unfortunate condition of the follicly challenged, that jug of Pert Plus will probably end up being a lifetime supply.