Thursday, April 20, 2006


In our car on the way to school: (my internal dialogue is in italics)

Mom- You have a hole in your shoe.

Emma- I know. It's been that way since we went to Monterey.

Mom- I know that too. Yet, you are still wearing the shoe with the hole. I would think that "hole in shoe" would be reason not to wear it. I would think it is a perfectly acceptable reason to throw them in the trash, actually.

Emma- I don't have any other shoes.

Mom- Really? Because I distinctly remember you liberating several pairs of sneaks from my closet along with a variety of other kinds of shoes. Plus all the ones we buy for you. You probably have liberated ones that were not in the "I'm never wearing these so they're outta here" pile too.

Emma- Yea, but this is the only one that doesn't get wet inside when I walk in water. Here's a thought... don't walk in water.

Mom- The shoe with the hole in it? The water doesn't go through the, you know, hole?

Emma- Yep.

Mom- You know it's not raining today, right? Thus decreasing the chances of any walking in water. In fact if one does encounter a puddle, it is probably easily avoided.

Emma- Yep.
She's only gonna give up those shoes for new shoes.

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